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It is a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a severe challenge on the online educational system. Yet, at Jeddah International Academy, the faculty and administration have showcased the highest level of resilience.

Waleed Habib – Parent - Testimonials

Online teaching presented both students and teachers with many challenges, but it also provided an opportunity for us to find creative and practical ways of overcoming these obstacles.”

Joy Mady – English Teacher - Testimonials

COVID-19 surprised the world and forced schools to close down; but we did not stop here. Thanks to the great efforts made by our government with our school JIA and SABIS®, we have overcome that obstacle flexibly and successfully. Capabilities were built, minds were enriched, and a generation grew being capable of overcoming challenges, more self-reliant, feeling responsible, and confidently ready for a bright tomorrow.

Fatimah Hamidaddin – Arabic Teacher - Testimonials

Learning is no longer limited to classroom walls. I am studying at JIA using the E-learning program, and I would like to thank SABIS® for this opportunity. I love SABIS®!

Alhan Nassar – Grade 3 Student - Testimonials

At Jeddah International Academy, every day we learn something new, as learning never stops and adventures never end!

Samir El Jbeili – Grade 2 Student - Testimonials

In these troublesome times, Jeddah International Academy has made it possible for all students to stay safe at home and to be able to keep up with their studies effectively through virtual classes.

Osama Boksmati – Grade 9 Student - Testimonials

In the wake of COVID-19, schools and universities across the world have pivoted to online learning. Jeddah International Academy, a member of the SABIS® Network, was no different. At JIA, our educators continue to make heroic efforts to provide the best education, to create a successful and effective environment for us.

Laila Sarakbi – Grade 10 Student - Testimonials

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