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Admission Policy


Admission Policy

Non-Selective Admissions Policy

The SABIS® Educational System is highly academically-oriented without being highly selective. The criterion for acceptance in a grade level is academic attainment, not age, although age acts as a limiting factor. It is possible to find up to a two-year age range among student in the same class. In general, any student willing to learn is accepted.

Placement Overview

There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Levels A, B, and C (three and a half to five and a half years of age). Prospective students at these levels are interviewed; they must be toilet-trained and able to speak and follow simple instructions.

All other prospective students take diagnostic tests in core subjects. These tests help to determine if the student has attained the minimum expected standard for each subject. The school then makes final placement decisions but can resort to the various strategies at its disposal to help bring a student to the required level. For example, there is the option of attending summer school or perhaps extra lessons or intensive classes in a subject. Special academic support is taken very seriously by the school.

Appointments for diagnostic testing can be made by contacting the admissions office through the school phone numbers or E-mail address.

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