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Campus Facilities

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Campus Facilities

Ideally located within the vicinity of the King Abdulaziz University – Al Faisaliah, Jeddah International Academy’s campus provides students with the perfect setting to explore their talents, develop their interests, and discover their dreams.

Our school uses modern, up-to-date information technology that enhances every aspect of students’ school life to promote their academic success. From modern Interactive Whiteboards used in the classrooms, to E-books, a computerized testing and learning center, and the SABIS® Digital Platform which provides students and parents access to details about their school performance, modern information technology infiltrates every aspect of school life to help your children succeed and reach their full potential.

The school also features sports facilities that complement the sports program offered, including shaded outdoor basketball courts and a football field. For the little ones, the KG section is tailored to their specific needs and includes extensive play facilities. As per local laws, boys and girls are placed in segregated sections as of Grade 1.

SABIS® Digital Platform